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Posted by Avra-Sha Faohla on July 16, 2014

books-109524_640“Thomas, come here!” called the man.

The lad hurried into the room, and the man instructed him to fetch a particular storybook from the library.

Thomas returned several minutes later with the book and handed it to his master. The latter leafed through its papers until he came upon a story with the promising title “Sir Jankin’s Apprentice.”

“Ah, yes, this period in history makes for the most delightful tales!” the man proclaimed, and, dismissing the boy, he settled into a chair to indulge in some light reading.

This was written for Five Sentence Fiction. It may not be much of a story, but did you catch all SIX definitions of “page” that I squeezed into it? ;)

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10 Responses to “Pages”

  1. Elana said

    I thought this was the beginning of The Princess Bride actually! :)
    Your image is misbehaving, by the way…

    • Ha! I just reread it and can see why you’d say that.

      In what way is it misbehaving?

      • Elana said

        “Is this a kissing book?” like in the movie! :D
        On Bloglovin it showed up as a stack of red books but as soon as I opened the whole post it’s just a stop sign and a message about no hotlinking.

        • :D

          Thanks! I just now went to this page and saw the “no hotlinking” image, but until now I saw the real image of the books, even when you only saw the stop sign. Weird.

          Basically I thought I’d save myself the trouble of downloading and then uploading the image by just inserting straight from the image URL, but I guess the site doesn’t allow it. Not sure why a site dedicated to copyright-free images would care so much about that, but oh well. Hopefully it’s fixed now!

  2. Patricia said

    I was surprised the boy was dismissed…I thought he was going to hear a story.

    • Actually, at first I had Thomas reading the story to his master, but then I decided that didn’t make sense because Thomas is just an errand boy. The point of writing this was a challenge I set myself to see if I could incorporate six different definitions of “page” into my five sentences. :D Can you find them?

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Huma said

    Hey Avra, incorporating the six different meanings in the 5 fiction…. wow …. that’s interesting…. and nice blog…

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