Red Twilight

Life is beautiful.


Posted by Avra-Sha Faohla on June 16, 2014


“Make a wish,” my mother whispered.

I blew out the candles and watched the brief smoke wisps that floated up from the blackened wicks, wondering why I’d even bothered.

Mindlessly I ate my half of the little cake, and my mother, a smile plastered awkwardly on her face, ate the other half.

I was only four, but I knew my wish could do nothing.

He wasn’t coming back.

(Wanting to write but lacking inspiration, I went looking for writing challenges on WordPress blogs. I came across Five Sentence Fiction and decided to give it a shot. I hope you liked it.)

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13 Responses to “Wishes”

  1. Snigdha said

    Aw. This was so sweet, Avra. In my mind, you are so many people, all rolled into your one awesome self. This just added another persona to it.

    I really, really liked it. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  2. Elana said

    I like it! It’s powerful! :)

  3. Very well done. I’m sure many can relate

  4. Marty said

    You packed a lot into this – both the mother and child are fully realized – along with the story itself.

  5. This is very good. Showing more than one emotion in five sentences is quite an accomplishment!

  6. shail said

    A whole lot of story in those 5 sentences. Well done.

  7. My heart went out to that little girl!

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